“Friends? How many of Us Have Them?”

Friends are people that you can depend on. They give you strength and encouragement when when you feel down on yourself. I classify a good friend that way. There are also bad friends. These are people who use you for your goods and have bad influences on your life. For example, a bad friend would rather watch you fail and struggle, while a good friend on the other hand would help you through your bad times in all situations. Usually, with a bad friend you would often feel used and taken advantaged of. I am glad that if I keep my good friends close and let the bad ones go, I would live a much successful life.


Silly Bands

Really? Silly Bands? I thought people in 2011 stopped caring about these little rubber bands made into an animal or object. What was the big commotion? I thought they were very frivolous. People would spend up to 5 dollars on a bag of rubber bands. I guess it was a sense of social status. I would think that instead of spending money on things that are not needed, people would think about the money that could be sent to people that is hungry and need aid so they can survive. People should be more aware of their spending’s.

Dreamin’ of College

Since the 5th grade, I have been told to always be proactive and live for tomorrow and not today’s satisfaction. A long hour at school and homework every night was just teaching me valuable skills that would help the work load of college. Most kids around that time are ingenuous and not aware of what they what to be in life or thinking of careers that would to be in, but at my middle school that was different. My teachers at Kipp: Gaston College Preparatory memorized me with the idea of success. I have had teachers that would always push me to do my best and excel in all of my scenarios. In high school, I see all my work paying off now and it’s a reality I will be going to my dream college.

Blue Ivy Carter

Congratulations to singer Beyonce and rapper Jay-Z for the new life they have brought in this generation, Blue Ivy Carter. There has been a recently huge contentious debate over the reason why Beyonce and Jay-Z has chosen the name, Blue Ivy. Most people find it out of the norm to name a human after a color, but I don’t comprehend why. I think every one should be happy for them and mind their own business.

Snoopy the Bunny Eater

Snoopy is my friend, Savina Daniel, dog. During his youth life, the Daniel family went to a family outing and let another pet, their bunny, out of the cage to hop around merely. When they returned they saw furry  balls of hair on the ground and didn’t know where it came from. Until later, Savina question what is that around the corner in the hallway? This may seem funny to you but this was a very loving animal that meant a lot to her family.

Iphone 4S

Hmmmm… sometimes I wonder if all this new upgraded technology is a waste. Really let’s think about it. Phones of today, meaning the iPhone 4S uses a material that is similar to Gorilla Glass . Gorilla glass is imported from a Chinese manufacturer named Lens Technology. (Information from  http://forums.imore.com/iphone-4s-forum/221572-iphone-4s-made-gorilla-glass-4.html ) They transform fine raw glass into the majority of iPhone glass which makes the cases easy to not scratch. Some users have mention that even though they are not even careful with their phones “I have never once seen a single mark, scratch or blemish on any of them” said from a user that has had plenty of iPhones to tell the difference

Around the World

I love to travel. If I could go to any place in the world, I would want to travel to the beautiful Caribbeans. The look of the dark blue ocean and the tropical smell of the wind and the smooth texture of sand between my toes would give me a warm refreshing feeling.   Being able to people watch and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.  I love having a waterfront room because the breeze at night and sight of the ocean gives me a safe and comfortable feeling. I would travel great distances to be able to see that view everyday.