Pink Slime

Pink Slime is ground beef is made from bits of meat left over from former cuts of meat. It is not healthy because it contains a chemical called hydroxide. Schools should not allow this because it contradicts their motto of always eating healthy and picking the smarter choice. For schools to allow this to be served is being a total hypocrite to the health of all children.


McDonalds Chicken Nuggets

McDonalds has recently added a new addition to their menu. A new 20 piece and 50 piece Mcnugget happy meal is now serving in Roanoke Rapids, NC restaurants. First hearing about this new addition people were ecstatic about getting more food for a cheaper price. On  February 6, 2012, I ordered the 50 piece Mcnugget happy meal for my sister and I for lunch. In ordering, they asked “what type of sauce you want?” and I replied with my typical “barbecue sauce please” and they supplied me with 5 sauces. This may seem like a lot, but for 50 nuggets it’s not.  Previously before the new addition to the menu, for every 10 chicken nuggets they would supply 2 sauces, in which would cover the entire meal. But, stretching 5 sauces over 50 nuggets is almost impossible! Looking peculiarly at what was given to me I asked “may I have some more because this is not enough for 50 nuggets”. There is an addition 25 cent per sauce packet. That is high way robbery! I totally wasted about 20 nuggets because I didn’t want to pay the extra money for more sauce. So, even though it was a better value to get 50 piece Mcnugget meal, you are still paying that money back for sauce.