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1) A golden egg is laying on a top of money because it symbolizes that blogging is like the gold of writing.

2) The man is willing to write a blog for money because he see how powerful blogging can be.

3) An elder man is deciding if he should blog or not and get criticized for his work.

4) A man  has a computer that is freely giving him money because of his blogging.

5) An annoucer guy is shouting to the world blog.

6) A community is blogging together.










About Daja Jones

I am in the pride of 2015. I am a freshman at Kipp: Pride High, located in Gaston, North Carolina. I am currently taking a Newspaper/Yearbook course because I am interested in becoming a reporter and a computer design major in college.

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  1. Jane More

    Hey there You are doing good work writing this posts. I am reading Your articles for some time and i can’t wait for next. Your blog represents Your point of view, that’s what i like .

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