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Have you ever been so exhausted that your body shut down? You were so tired that you couldn’t focus your eyes open. Well, with my demanding schedule at school made me yearn for the comfortableness of my bed.  Over spring break, I spent majority of my time sleeping. I would take 4-5 hour naps everyday and was always in the bed by 11:30. Taking advantage of the time that I had so that I would be ready to come back to work hard in school on my grades, so that I could set myself up for success in the years to come. Being a freshman is extremely difficult in any school that you attend.  There are so many changes that have to be made which could be stressful. Over spring break I really needed the week off to myself without any work.


About Daja Jones

I am in the pride of 2015. I am a freshman at Kipp: Pride High, located in Gaston, North Carolina. I am currently taking a Newspaper/Yearbook course because I am interested in becoming a reporter and a computer design major in college.

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