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Winter Break

Well. . .my winter break was unlike any other freshmen. Most freshmen are not able to travel around the world and meet new people. I spent some of my winter break on a Carnival Cruise Ship that gave me the opportunity to introduce myself to young and old from different states to people from third world countries.  My family and I were able to visit new places as well. We visited United States Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk. I was able to see the differences and similarities in places. My favorite place was was actually Grand Turk. I love how it was peaceful and not really big. It was only 7 miles long. I learned that it is actually owned my the Carnival company. It is a sure tourist attraction! The beach was just a pure amazing site to see!  I had an amazing break! : )


About Daja Jones

I am in the pride of 2015. I am a freshman at Kipp: Pride High, located in Gaston, North Carolina. I am currently taking a Newspaper/Yearbook course because I am interested in becoming a reporter and a computer design major in college.

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