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Which of your friends are you proudest of? Why?

  Best Friends are very special people in your life. They are the first people you think about when you make plans. They are the first people you go to when you need someone to talk to. They are the people that when you are feeling malaise they come to comfort you because they care about you. Best friends are not only in your life, but becomes a family friend. This is how I feel about my best friend, F. Blake. She has been through varies of obstacles with me. We have not always been in each other life since toddlers, but we have been friends since the 6TH grade. We have grown coherent to each other other the past years. We give each other advice and help each other through the good or the bad. She is the only person I can really open up to that comprehends what I am going through. F. Blake has been a very huge impact on my life I wish that we will stay this way forever.   


About Daja Jones

I am in the pride of 2015. I am a freshman at Kipp: Pride High, located in Gaston, North Carolina. I am currently taking a Newspaper/Yearbook course because I am interested in becoming a reporter and a computer design major in college.

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