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Time. Time to you is different from time to me. You may define time as hours, minutes, seconds, but I define time as a precious value that I can not and will not waste. Time is not man-made. I can not stop the time whatever I do or how hard I try, so I do not ever have a moment to waste. Trying to stop time is like saying 1 + 1 doesn’t equal 2. It’s just impossible. There is always something that has to get done. Dealing with timed situations I know I have to get my objective done. It is crucial to me and my surrounding peers because I will hold everyone else back by me not being prepared with my material. I try to always be careful instead of careless so I can get my work done efficiently and neatly representing all of my knowledge, on a timed schedule.


About Daja Jones

I am in the pride of 2015. I am a freshman at Kipp: Pride High, located in Gaston, North Carolina. I am currently taking a Newspaper/Yearbook course because I am interested in becoming a reporter and a computer design major in college.

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